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Tru Optik’s Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) uniquely combines scale, accuracy and completeness of device coverage to deliver precise, actionable OTT campaign measurement. CAV is also the only OTT campaign-measurement solution that validates In-Target delivery against advanced behavioral and interest-based targets as well as key demographics.

Advertisers are using CAV to accurately answer key OTT campaign performance questions:

  • How many households did my campaign reach and how often did it reach them?
  • What percentage of households and impressions were in target?
  • How did reach, frequency, and in-target delivery differ by publisher? By device? By daypart?

Hosted by:

  • David Wiesenfeld, Chief Strategy Officer at Tru Optik 
  • Richard Kosinski, EVP, Sales at Tru Optik
  • Eric Frenchman, CMO at CDI Ads
  • Jesse Math, VP Planning and Platforms, OTT Lead at Tinuiti