Free Data and targeting advice

for STreaming media advertising 

Tru Optik's Data Marketplace is the definitive destination to buy and sell third-party data for audience-based targeting on Connected TV, streaming audio and in-game advertising. Now, brands and agencies can define specific segments utilizing third and first-party data to enable audience targeting across leading publishers and advertising platforms, with unmatched scale and speed.​

For the first-time, brands and agencies now have direct and self-service access to the Tru Optik Data Marketplace and do not need to rely on ad tech platforms to access data. And, the Data Marketplace makes data actionable in hours, not days or weeks.

Choose from over 15,000 segments ranging from demographics to auto intenders, lifestyle groups, purchase behavior, political party affiliation and more.


  • Massive Scale – Segments achieve up to 4x more scale when accessed in Tru Optik’s Data Marketplace versus legacy data stores not built for connected media. 
  • Unparalleled Accuracy – Reconciled daily against Tru Optik’s 80MM+ home Household Graph.
  • More Destination Partners – One of the most widely relied upon data marketplace across ad tech platforms and premium OTT publishers.
  • Privacy Compliant – Segments are mapped against Privacy.TV opt-out records daily at both the device and household level. 
  • Enhanced Speed – Unlike other solutions, the Data Marketplace makes data actionable in as fast as hours, not days or weeks. 

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