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The 2020 U.S. election cycle is expected to be the most expensive in history. Upwards of $10 billion will be spent on advertising to influence voters across the nation.  Successful campaigns will take advantage of the shift to streaming media to reach cord cutters and target specific voter audiences. ​

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Tru Optik's 2020 Streaming Media Advertising Guide is intended to help marketers, media companies, data providers and tech leaders break through the noise and misinformation that accompany major shifts in media and technology. ​

​Readers will gain new insight into these topics and more:​

  • CTV and streaming audio's exponential ad growth​
  • Political advertising opportunities in CTV and streaming audio​
  • Tru Optik's Political Data Cloud​
  • In-game advertising​
  • Unlocking the power of OTT​
  • Making the most of streaming audio​
  • Privacy compliance​